We had a great time getting into the holiday spirit this past Saturday at the Floyd’s Knobs Elementary Holiday Bazaar!  There were all different kinds of booths for shoppers to indulge in.  From hair bows and doll clothes to herbs and lipstick there were many great gift ideas.  The Wellness Center was there to give out free chair massages and spinal scans.  What is a spinal scan you say?  Well,  it scratches the surface of an x-ray.  You step up on a fancy schmancy foot scan and the scan is converted to a computer screen.  The computer shows the weight distribution on each side of your body and then goes into detail about your spine.  An absolutely amazing piece of high tech equiptment.  You must see this for yourself.  The month of November is the month of events for us.  So catch us at the Greenville Elementary Holiday Bazaar this Saturday from 8:30am-2:00pm.


The Wellness Center at McAllister Chiropractic is happy to be a part of the blogging world.  We feel as though this will be a great oulet to our patients, future patients, and those interested in becoming the healthiest being possible.  We will post as often as possible on all types of topics from health and nutrition, to chiropractic practices, and even upcoming events.  McAllister Chiropractic wants to hear your feedback!  Check out our website for in depth information about the foundation of our practice!  Enjoy and cheers to a happy healthy YOU!